Monday, 25 January 2016

Tinubu says Nigeria’s economy should be diversified

APC Leader Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has advised that the Nigerian economy be diversified.
According to Leadership, Tinubu said the country needs to look for creative ways to boost the economy.
This is what the former Lagos state Governor said in a statement:
 “We keep talking about diversification of the economy. It is always in the drawing board. We never implemented it. ”
He also said “There are a lot of variables in the oil sector which we have to look at critically. We are not the only country that is affected by the effect of this oil crisis. We have to be more creative in a way that will not hurt the welfare of the people.”
“We need to look inwardly. There are so many ways and we are blessed to really create local demand, improve our disposable income and manage our own economy.
“We have the resources, people and the blessing of both weather and mineral resources but it will take time,” the APC leader added.
Do you agree that our economy should be diversified? I agree to the diversification of our economy. This will help boost our economy and also help us in the global market.