Wednesday, 13 January 2016

The 10 American sailors that were detained by Iran have been freed

The ten American sailors that were captured by Iran have been freed.
They were captured Tuesday after their two naval boats entered Iranian waters near Farsi Island, in the Persian Gulf. The Iranian Government said they were tresspassing and as well spying for America. It is because of the past issues that America has had with Iran that’s why the sailors were arrested by Iranian officials.
The sailors' release on Wednesday morning went on for hours, with Iranian officials interrogating the sailors about their motives and demanding a U.S. apology. Iran is still agitated after the issue with Saudi Arabia killing a Shite Cleric.
But Iranian officials said they deemed the incident accidental. They said they didn’t mean to handle the matter likwe that. They just wanted to know the Sailors’ motives and why they entered Iranian waters.
The evidence shows that they didn’t mean to enter the Iranian waters because of the failure of their navigational system," IRGC spokesman Ramazan Sharif said on Press TV. He said they didn’t purposely eneter Iranian waters but they were just following proptocols on how do deal with this kind of situation. I think the past issues between America and Iran could have made them act like this.
On Wednesday morning, officials of Iran questioned the sailors to find out if they "entered Iranian waters intentionally on an intelligence mission," the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps said, according to the state-run Press TV. They just wanted to know the reason why they enetered Iranian waters.
And Iran's Foreign Minister called for the United States to apologize for the "encroachment" of American vessels into Iranian territorial waters, a top Iranian navy commander told state-run media. The Foreign Minister  said Iran deserves a immediate apology from America and that it shouldn’t happen again.
IRGC Navy Commander Admiral Ali Fadavi said the presence of the U.S. Navy in the Persian Gulf waters "disturbed the security of the area" and criticized the U.S. Navy maneuvers.
There is nothing to indicate the capture was a hostile act on the part of Iran, a senior Obama administration official said. He said they were just folloeing protocols and that they had no intentions to harm the Sailors.