Tuesday, 19 January 2016

OMG! J.Cole is married

The rapper reluctantly confirmed that he's officially a married man earlier today when Creed director Ryan Coogler accidentally let the news out of the bag during an interview.
During a live stream for #MLKNow in honor of Martin Luther King Day in New York City, Coogler slipped and asked the Forest Hills Drive artist, "How did getting married change you?"
Wait, come again?! 
Cole's reaction was hilarious, getting both flustered and surprised for being put on blast, although it was clear that Coogler didn't mean any harm by it. I think maybe my crazy side had a crush on him.
"I never interviewed someone before, my bad," the director responded. LOL!
"That was like one thing to not do," J. Cole said. "But it's all good...They know now."