Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Nigerian student arrested for drug trafficking in Uganda

A 28 year old Nigerian student of Kampala University identified as Rufus Okafor has been arrested in Kampala, Uganda after he was intercepted with 19 kilograms of marijuana and 795grames of heroin worth sh229m at Posta Uganda on Friday January 15th. He was arrested with the drugs on him. What a shameful thing to do. According to reports, Rufus was about to send the drugs to Netherlands when he was arrested. He was nabbed by Ugandan authorities. I am not an ethnic racist person but these days it more of the Igbo guys that are been arrested for these crimes yet they cry out that the government is not treating them well. You guys stop bringing disgrace to Naija.  He will be appearing in a Ugandan court today January 19th.