Thursday, 31 January 2013

till death do us part. I'm not yet married but i wonder why people fall out of love in marriage. marriage should have commitment in it. why will you stay with your spouse for a while and say you are tired of him or her. learn to love to a fault. Shakespeare says love to a fault is always blind, always is to joy inclined, lawless winged and confined, and breaks all chains from every minds.
the world is full of ups & downs. don't be surprised when the ones you love & trust disappoints you. some will remember you while some will forget you. some will love you while some will hate you. one scholar said people are there to help you win the race or make you lose the race. some people will benefit from & you nothing from them. some people will share your pains & gains while others will enjoy your gains only. you will come across backstabbers but don't mind them you have already stabbed yourself. nothing they do or say will hurt your feelings. life is full of friends and foes.