Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Blackface your career is dead

I have an issues with Artistes who come out to say someone stole their song, beat or concept. If your song was that good why didn’t you release it. When you know you have a fantastic song you will release it without thinking twice. Why should Blackface come out to say Tuface and Wizkid stole his song. He could never have written or came up with Ojuelegba. That’s no possibble. His career is dead so he now wants to get the credit for other people’s hard work. If he did write the song he should bring proof that he wrote it. He now had immediately a new songcalled killer. I’m not ready to listen to the song. I feel Blackface has lost his presence in the industry. Instead of him to work on his dead career he is busy claiming he wrote other people’s hit track. He hasn’t had a hit track after Plantashunz Boiz so he must clinch unto someone else’s hit track. These stars have hit tracks that you will never have. Your music career is dead so don’t try to sabotage others. Tuface and Wizkid is a bigger fish for you to disgrace.
Your career is dead because when I went to Google I typed your name tofind your picture and something else came up. I had to now indicate Nigerian artiste before your picture came out. When I type Tuface and Wizkid they appear immediately and I don’t need to add Nigerian artiste infront. Their name are popular in Google search engine because of their successful music career. So stop sabotaging them and claiming to be the owner of their hit track.