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63 senators want to impeach President Goodluck Jonathan

Punch is reporting that 63 senators as of yesterday Thursday November 27th have signed up to the plan to impeach President Goodluck Jonathan in the upper legislative chamber. 

They reported that one of the arrowheads of the move to remove Jonathan in the Senate showed one of their correspondents the list containing the signatures of the senators. A source told the paper that 8 PDP senators were among the signatories to the planned impeachment notice. There are 109 members in the Senate.
 From Punch

An All Progressives Congress senator from the North-West zone, who asked not to be named, told our correspondent that the lawmakers’ major grouse was the President’s handling of the economy and political affairs of the country.
The senator cited poor implementation of the national budget since 2011, alleged high level of corruption and “gross disregard” of the legislature at both the federal and state levels as topping the list of lawmakers’ anger against Jonathan.
Asked whether he realised that the process of impeachment could be tedious and cumbersome, the senator said, “ We know and we are prepared to show the President that we have responsibility to the people and the nation in general.
“We are prepared to lay the impeachment notice anytime from next week. Meetings are already being held.”
Senator Ibrahim Musa (APC Niger North) confirmed that there were moves by some members of the Senate to initiate impeachment proceedings against the President but failed to give details.
“I think there is something like that but I don’t have the details, it is still coming as a rumour,” Musa said.

 News credit; Punch News

13 year old daughter of Julius Aghahowa releases her first book

The only daughter of former Super Eagles ace striker Julius Aghahowa, Isabel Aghahowa, recently released her first book - a work of fiction titled The Ellegers, and she's just 13 years old. Her birthday is actually today. Happy birthday Isabel.

The 165 page book can be bought on Amazon - 
here. Isabel, who is studying in the UK, is also a budding actress.

10 soldiers and 35 hunters were killed in a road explosion in Adamawa State.

About 10 soldiers and 35 hunters were killed in the evening after a bomb was planted along the Mararaba Road near Mubi Adamawa State. The bomb went off at around 6pm. The perpetrators haven’t been found. This attack was confirmed by a senior security officer of the military. 

Photo Exclusive: Kim K copy cat

An Auckland man has taken his quest to have the country's winning mo to the next level by posing Kim Kardashian-style in a bid for donations.

Pacquiao to sell Manila mansion after rich neighbours complain

World boxing champion Manny Pacquiao said Thursday he would sell his mansion in one of the Philippine capital's swankiest areas after his neighbours complained of his visitors wearing shabby clothing.
Pacquiao told AFP that as a "man of the masses", he is not finicky with his visitors, even if they are wearing "just shorts and slippers".
The boxer's rags-to-riches story, from being a fish vendor in his home town to winning world titles in an unprecedented eight weight divisions, has made him wildly popular in the Philippines.
He used his boxing fame to get elected to Congress in 2010 and like many wealthy Filipino politicians, he frequently has to meet with constituents asking for hand-outs and favours.
Pacquiao said he would buy a new house where he could accommodate more visitors, who are mostly seeking financial assistance.
"If there's somebody who is willing to buy, I'm going to sell it," Pacquiao said of the Manila property, which he acquired for 400 million pesos ($9 million) in 2011.
He added that he wants to make a profit from the sale as he had made renovations.
The 35-year-old said he apologised to his neighbours, though some understood why he was accommodating poor visitors.
"I may be as rich as some of them here, but my lifestyle remains the same and so is my heart. I am just a simple man. I will never change that," he said.
The three-storey mansion -- in a neighbourhood that is home to Manila's old rich -- has five bedrooms, several reception and dining halls, and an office.
Pacquiao also owns a fleet of luxury cars, and his home town mansion in southern Philippines has a pool shaped like a boxing glove.
He beat American Chris Algieri in Macau last Sunday, in a match that proved to fans that he still has what it takes to face arch-rival Floyd Mayweather.
News Credit: MSN

Family of NY teen shot dead by cop wins lawsuit

Relatives of a Hispanic teen shot dead by a white New York police officer are headed back to court in January after winning a lawsuit in a case that could set the stage for the family of slain teenager Michael Brown.
A day after a Missouri grand jury declined to indict the white police officer in Brown's death, a jury hearing civil cases in Bronx Supreme Court unanimously decided on Tuesday that the City of New York and NYPD Sergeant Robert Barnett were liable in the 2005 death of 19-year-old Leonel Disla.
The Bronx court will reconvene with a new jury in January to decide how much it will award in damages to the family of Disla, who was born in the Dominican Republic, the family's attorney, Ilaan Maazel, said on Thursday.
Maazel drew a parallel with the Brown case, which has sparked national turmoil over police relations with minority communities.
Ferguson police said Brown was unarmed but tried to get hold of the officer's weapon, while New York police said Disla waved a 7-inch knife blade at officers trying to break up a fight - a version of events Maazel challenged at the civil trial.
Barnett fired twice at Disla, inflicting a fatal wound to the abdomen. The young man died a few hours later at a local hospital.
Like in the Brown case, no criminal charges were filed against Barnett, a veteran officer who said he acted out of fear for his safety.
"In both cases there was no special prosecutor investigating the police, and I think that's a problem," Maazel said. "Police have a hard job but it's so important that when a police officer violates the law that he's held accountable."
While no criminal charges were filed, the teen's mother, Candida Disla, pressed a civil suit.
"The family has waited a very long time to get some justice in this case," Maazel said.
Tuesday's verdict finding the city and Barnett liable was the result of a successful appeal reversing a verdict two years ago that cleared them of liability.
A lawyer for the city, Patrick Mantione, said he opposed the second jury's decision.
"We respectfully disagree with the second jury’s verdict and will evaluate our options," he said.

7 Fashion Faux Pas That Need to Stay Out of the Office

At an event hosted by Ann Taylor and Marie Claire, Features Editor Lea Goldman discussed the power of executive presence—a force that shows people we are capable of being leaders. The three components that make up executive presence are communication, gravitas, and appearance.
That last one is a big one. According to Goldman, executives say appearance counts for 60 percent of your executive presence. With Goldman’s tips and a couple of our own ideas, we came up with a list of fashion sins that should never make it into the office.

Wet Hair
Ashley Olsen recently made headlines when she headed to work with long, wet locks. First of all, it’s a really great way to catch a cold. But more importantly, no matter how rushed we are in the morning, not taking the time to dry your hair shows that you don’t care enough to do so. According to Susannah Gonzalez of NaturallyCurly.com, “The bottom line is that wet hair is viewed by many as unprofessional because several people equate wet hair with unfinished hair. Going into work with wet hair might give off the impression that you are not ready for work, or that you did not have time in the morning to dry your hair. Employers, therefore, might assume that you put little effort into getting ready for work. However, most agreed that it is perfectly acceptable to go out with wet hair if you are going to class (if you’re a student) or if you are simply running errands.”
Too Much Cleavage
“The single biggest mistake women make [in work attire] is dressing too sexy,” said Goldman. According to a recent survey commissioned by Dragons’ Den entrepreneur Peter Jones, women who display too much cleavage at work could end up sabotaging their careers. The survey of 3,000 managers found that almost half of bosses had overlooked a woman for promotion if she had regularly worn low-cut tops to attract attention.
According to fashion expert Lauren Conrad, you should “never show more than one inch of cleavage or wear a skirt that skims your bum. For most offices, skirts that hit more than 3 or 4 inches above the knee are considered inappropriate. (If you want to wear shorter skirts, or even dress shorts, pair them with opaque tights to temper the higher hemline.) Also, no tank tops unless you have something layered over it to cover your shoulders.”
This also applies to any overly exposed area of skin. Maybe you don’t have cleavage, but you think showing off your breast bone will work in the office. Even with professional black tie events outside the office you have to be careful. Kat Griffin, founder of Corporette, told me, “When shopping for your dress, think ‘classic beauty,’ not sexy. To this end, avoid skin in unexpected places. No side-boob, no under-boob, and no dresses with the low-low back.”
Visible Lingerie/Panty Line
Oh, the VPL. It’s considered one of the worst fashion blunders ever, and yet people just keep doing it.
Conversely, this does not mean you should go to work sans bra or underwear even if you really don’t need a bra or just don’t like to wear them.
Heavy Makeup
Goldman said you absolutely have to wear makeup, even if you have the features of Snow White.
“Not wearing makeup to work says you don’t take it seriously,” she said. The trick is to look like you’re not wearing makeup. A study found that wearing makeup at work can actually help you appear more confident, but the line between confident and looking like all you do is put on makeup is a very thin one. Researchers say it “may have to do with the negative stereotypes associated with an ‘overly groomed’ woman in the workplace.” Sparkles should never come into your place of work.
High High Heels
“Context is everything [in the office]. If you are wearing the highest pair of heels in your office, then you’re wearing the wrong shoes,” says Goldman. If you work in an industry like fashion, wearing three inch heels may be the norm. If you work in accounting, a kitten heel may be all you need.
Ill-fitting Clothing
Too-tight clothing is a major problem, but so is too-loose clothing. Investing in a good tailor is part of a professional wardrobe.
Dressing Too Casually
Casual Fridays sound great. Friday is the day where you don’t have to don the suit or conservative dress and heels. But dressing casually and still conveying power can be tough for women.
“Casual Fridays were designed by men, for men,” says Goldman. According to Christina Binkley of The Wall Street Journal, women can’t convey as much power as men when they dress casually. It seems that dressing casually, in certain industries, may be even trickier than dressing professionally. But unfortunately, your clothes are the first things people see when they meet you, and they can send very strong messages. Binkley writes:
“Clearly, clothes and accessories are powerful symbols in the workplace. They are seen before our words are heard in a board meeting, and they are remembered long after, like perfume that hangs in a room.
Collars on a shirt or jacket convey authority. Flat shoes can suggest a girlish lack of authority; if you wear them, choose flats with some hardware and avoid the ballet look. As for stockings, the debate rages on, but if your primary audience is over 50, they may feel more comfortable with them.”
What fashion faux pas have you learned to stay away from? Tell us in the comments!

Ohio State football player missing

According to the Columbus Dispatch, senior Ohio State football walk-on Kosta Karageorge was reported missing by his family on Thursday after not being heard from since leaving his apartment early Wednesday morning.
Karageorge is a 6-foot-5 defensive end for the Buckeyes and has also wrestled for three years. His sister Sophia said he was last seen at 2 a.m. on Wednesday morning at his apartment.
Also, according to the article, Karageorge had told his roommates he was leaving to take a walk. The Columbus police reportedly confirmed they are looking for him, and through the GPS in his phone were able to place the device at W. 3rd and Elmwood avenues near Grandview Heights, though they have not obtained it.
"He had some extenuating circumstances that night that lead us to believe he was upset," Sophia Karageorge said.
It is believed that Karageorge either walked to the location of his phone, or used public transportation.
"He did not take his motorcycle and he does not have his car on campus," his sister said. "So he was either picked up, went on foot or took public transportation. He does not have his wallet or any identification on him that we know of because his girlfriend has his wallet."
Karageorge, 22, was last seen wearing black sweatpants over his jeans, a black sweatshirt with FOC on it, a black beanie, and Timberland boots. He also recently shaved his head and has a short beard.
Karageorge was supposed to be one of the 24 seniors recognized before the final home game of the season on Saturday. He was not seen at practice yesterday, and did not come to practice this morning.

Dear Lagosians, get ready for mad traffic today. GEJ is coming!

In case some of you don't know, President Jonathan will be in Lagos today.

Mario, 2face, Dru Hill, Praiz & others trills fans at Pepsi co-sponsored Corporate Elite

It was fun and excitement at the eight edition of Corporate Elite every musical concert in Lagos as over 5,000 guests who stormed the conventions Expo Centre of Eko Hotel partied till early hours of morning. 
The event, co-sponsored by Pepsi, the leading brand in carbonated soft drink, brought together the best of music stars in Nigeria and other parts of the world. 

The legendary Freddy Jackson filled the hall with his sonorous voice as he sang old tunes that brought back pleasant memories. Dru Hill, Mario, 112, SA Group, Micasa, Praiz and many others also serenaded the audience with songs that brought chills to many fans especially the ladies as some were seen openly shedding tears of happiness.

Ex-Nigerian Footballer John Zakari dies

Former Nigerian footballer, John Zakari died in the early hours of today Thursday November 27th at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, LUTH, where he'd been receiving treatment for an undisclosed ailment.

He played for Shooting Stars & coached Stationery Stores. R.I.P to a legend.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Al Jazeera investigation of fake doctors leads to 3 arrests in Delta state

 African journalists, Nigeria's Rosemary Nwaebuni and Ghana's Anas Arameyaw go undercover to expose fake doctors in Delta State, leading to 3 arrests. Read the full story and watch the 25-minute documentary below...
In this week’s episode of Africa Investigates, Anas Arameyaw Anas and Rosemary Nwaebuni go undercover with secret cameras to expose fake doctors in Delta State, leading to three on-camera arrests.
Nigerian law forbids abortions, except in cases where the patient’s life is in danger. Despite this, Nigeria’s Fake Doctors shows Rosemary, who is not even pregnant, twice being offered abortion services from unlicensed practitioners.

Precious Johnson Chuckwudi, who operates a pharmacy in Delta State, offered to provide an abortion - and agreed the price - despite Rosemary’s negative pregnancy test, while Mr and Mrs Ogboru offered Rosemary an abortion in the dirty backroom of a bar, without conducting a pregnancy test.
The Nigerian Medical and Dental Association (NMDA) and Ministry of Health (MoH) have confirmed that neither Chuckwudi nor the Ogboru’s are licensed and registered as medical doctors and that their shops are not registered clinics. Nigerian police arrested Mr and Mrs Ogboru on camera on the basis of evidence that Rosemary and Anas filmed.
Nigerian police also arrested Charles Igudala, who operates a clinic at Dictat Royal Home in Warri, Delta State, after he was covertly filmed offering medical services and injections to Anas in extremely unsanitary conditions. The NMDA and MoH confirmed that Igudala is not a licensed and registered doctor, while Dr Alfred Ebiakofa of the Nigerian Ministry of Health said that Igudala had been a target of the Nigerian health authorities for some time, but that they “had not been able to catch him before.”
Rosemary and Anas also film other fake doctors wrongly diagnosing healthy patients with malaria and typhoid, as well using as a Quantum Resonance Analyser, a highly controversial machine of unproven effectiveness that is used to illegally diagnose - merely on the basis of tones and lights  - a variety of serious illnesses to perfectly healthy patients.   
Spell of The Albino, the last investigation Anas filmed for Africa Investigates, won a One World Media Award and was nominated for a Royal Television Society Award.
Nigeria’s Fake Doctors, the third episode of Africa Investigates, premiered on Wednesday, 26 November 2014 at 22:30 GMT / Thursday, 20 November at 00:30 CAT, with repeats on27 November at 11:30, 28 November at 05:30, 29 November at 18:30, and 30 November at 07:30 CAT.

Former Miss Chile Accuses Alexis Sanchez Of Hitting On Her Behind His Girlfriend's Back

A former Miss Chile has accused Arsenal star Alexis Sanchez of texting her behind his doting girlfriend's back. Camila Andrade claimed the striker sent her holiday snaps during a winter break in Disneyland Paris with partner Laia Grassi claiming he was with a younger relative and not his other half. 
This is her detailed interview of how Alexis Sanchez was hitting on her.
'Alexis invited me out for a meal while he was back in Chile preparing for the World Cup. 'I was between boyfriends at the time and it was the first time that he'd asked if we could meet up. 'I turned him down because he wasn't my type and I knew that many of the times he'd messaged me he was with his girlfriend and I liked that even less.
'When he was in Disneyland Paris with Laia in February he sent me a picture of himself on his own. 'I knew he was with her because I'd seen pictures in the paper and I really couldn't stop laughing.
'I messaged him to say: "How nice, you're with your girlfriend, I've love to be where you are with my boyfriend" and he replied: "No I'm with my little nephew or young cousin or some young relative", I can't remember exactly.
'He never said he was with his girlfriend and the following day there was a big picture in the paper of the two of them. It was very strange. 'All these star struck young girls need to see all these footballers are the same and are not to be believed.'
'It makes me laugh how all the young girls speak to him. I could never ever have taken seriously some of the things he said to me. 'We never had regular conversations but I stopped answering him about two months ago after I turned down his meal invite. 'I found it tasteless he'd ask me out while he was with someone else so I gave him the red card.
'When someone doesn't answer you, I think the other person normally gets it and understands that you don't want to speak with them. 'Nothing happened between Alexis and me and I'm doing nothing wrong by revealing how he's been messaging me. 'But if I had said "yes" that time he phoned me and invited me out for a meal, I can assure you nobody would have found out.'

Two British tourists found dead after snorting 'white heroin' which had been sold to them as cocaine in Amsterdam

Two men aged 20 and 21 found dead in a hotel room in Amsterdam died after snorting what is thought to have been white heroin sold as cocaine. Foreign Office is liaising with Dutch authorities and families of victims. Police say bodies of men were found next to traces of a white powder. Authorities in the city have pleaded with tourists to avoid street pushers 

Yomi Peters Nigerian Veteran Footballer dies of cancer

Ex-goalkeeper and coach of the Stationery Stores of Lagos Yomi Peters died yesterday morning November 26th at the Lagos University Hospital, LUTH after a battle with cancer. He was 74.

Love all! Kim's long wait is over as Andy proposes after nine years

After winning Wimbledon last summer, there was really only one ‘will he/won’t he’ question Andy Murray had left to answer.
And it was a resounding ‘yes, he will’ as the tennis star finally became engaged to his girlfriend – nine years after they first met.
He proposed to Kim Sears, 26, last week with a diamond ring he chose himself and she immediately said ‘yes’.
Sources said the couple had hoped to keep their engagement secret for some time and have not yet made plans for their wedding.
Murray, 27, who flew to the Philippines for a tennis tournament yesterday, had not even shared his happy news with some of his closest family members.
The sportsman’s mother Judy said last night that she was ‘thrilled’, but his grandmother said she had heard only ‘rumors’.

News Credit: Mail Online

Australian cricketer Phillip Hughes dies two days after being struck by ball

So sad to hear that this guy finally died. Been following his progress since yesterday. Australian Cricketer Philip Hughes has died two days after a ball hit him in the neck during a match between his team and South wales at the Sydney Cricket Ground on 25 November 2014.

Though he was wearing a helmet at the time of the freak accident, Philip collapsed and was rushed to St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney where he underwent surgery and was placed into an induced coma. He died this morning from his injuries. He was 25 years old. May his soul rest in peace, amen.

Doctors said his injury was a rare vertebral artery dissection which led to subarachnoid haemorrhage, which is bleeding in the brain. 

Kylie Jenner & rumoured beau Tyga help out at homeless shelter

 17 year old Kylie Jenner and her rumoured beau, Tyga, 25, pictured helping out at the Los Angeles Mission and Anne Douglas Centre's Thanksgiving Meal for the homeless.

Charly Boy releases pics with his angels

Obasanjo rubbishes National Assembly, says it’s an assembly of thieves, looters

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo, today Nov. 26th rubbished the National Assembly, saying it is an Assembly of looters and thieves. He said this while speaking at the public presentation of the autobiography of Justice Mustapha Akanbi, in Abuja. Some of what he said below...

"Apart from shrouding the remunerations of the National Assembly in opaqueness and without transparency, they indulge in extorting money from departments, contractors and ministries in two ways"
"They do so during visits to their projects and programmes and in the process of budget approval when they build up budgets for ministries and departments, who agree to give it back to them in contracts that they do not execute. They do similar things during their inquiries.”
"Corruption in the National Assembly also includes what they call constituency projects which they give to their agents to execute but invariably, full payment is made with little or no job done. In all this, if the executive is not absolutely above board, the offending members of the National Assembly resort to subtle or open threat, intimidation and blackmail. When the executive pay the huge money, normally in millions of dollars, all is quiet in form of whitewashed reports that fail to deal effectively with the issues investigated.” 
 "When the guard is the thief, only God can keep the house safe and secure. But I am optimistic that sooner than later, we will overcome. God will give us guards of integrity and honesty with the fear of God and genuine love of their people and their country.
“Today, there is no institution of government that is not riddled with corruption, not even the military. As the people cry out, where then is the salvation.” Obasanjo said

Source: Premium Times

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Emma Nyra to co-host the Channel O Africa Music Video Awards red carpet

Nigerian songstress Emma Nyra has been announced as the co-host for the Red Carpet 2014 Channel O Africa Music Video Awards this Saturday, November 29th. Scheduled to hold in Nasrec Expo Centre in Soweto, Johannesburg.
"At this point in my career as a female artiste, I feel blessed to be embarking upon such a great opportunity. Despite the fact that I'm an artist and my passion is singing, I've already hosted numerous awards shows, red carpets, and major events across the globe.
"This experience will leave a lasting mark because Channel O has always been and will continue to be, one of the major music platforms in Africa. I'm looking forward to doing my best, interacting with my colleagues on the carpet, and brining my A game! I'm excited to once again experience the rich culture of South Africa, and to also have fun and enjoy every moment with my fellow African Artistes". -Emma Nyra

She put her number on his post on Instagram...and now they are married

 I told you guys to be taking this social media thing seriously. You never know. This lady put her number on this guy's post eleven months ago and now they are married.

Ashley Parker Angel Is Way Too Pretty: See the Sexy Shirtless Pics That Prove It