Tuesday, 19 January 2016

I totally agree with Janet Hubert

I really am surprised at Jada Pinkett-Smith. I am totally disappointed by her actions and what she has been saying. Janet Hubert is right. You cannot tell people to boycott a big award ceremony like that. I really understand you are angry that they didn’t nominate any black person this year. I am not happy because I feel Idris Elba should have been nominated for supporting actor award and also Will Smith. They both really did it for me in “Beat of no Nation” and “Concussion”. They were spectacular and awesome to watch. They should have been nominated but doesn’t mean they should boycott the award. What you should tell your fellow black actors is that they should do something so amazing that the Oscars wouldn’t even have the thought of neglecting them. You cannot tell people to boycott such an event. I am also disappointed in Spike Lee’s attitude towards this issue. I never expected this from the both of them. I agree about the lack of diversity in the awards but no one should listen to her and boycott the event except you want your career to end like Monique’s own has. The only black actors I feel should be among the nominees is Idris Elba because his performance and transformation in beast of no nation is spectacular. While Will Smith should be nominated for his amazing transformation in Concussion. People don’t get me wrong. There were awesome movies with black actors in it but were they good enough like Idris Elba and Will Smith’s movie. Common guys be real here. You guys can hate me but it is my own opinion. Jada sorry but you disappointed me. For real.