Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Tania Omotayo ends relationship with Wizkid

According to NET, a close associate of Wizkid and Tania has disclosed that Tania has finally ended her relationship with the star. Before the break-up a lot of rumors has been going around that there were rocks in their relationship. It was bound to happen according to a lot of people. The issues of Wizkid fathering a child with a US based lady could have been the icing on the cake that led to the break-up. I guess this made Tania take the finally decision to break-up with him.
This is the comment made by the close associate: “Tania broke up with Wiz a while ago but both parties agreed to be friendly towards each other. Nonetheless, she kept her distance from him and missed a lot of his events and performances over the Christmas holidays. She went on vacation with her friends in Dubai during his industry night event”.
These celebrities have no control. Why do they keep on making the wrong decision? Can’t they use a condom or is it just “sheer stupidity”.