Tuesday, 13 January 2015

See the reaction of people about Chrissy Teigen's face when her husband John Legend won Golden Globe Award

As her hubby John Legend won a Golden Globe award for his original song in Selma along with Common and while he was receiving his award, the cameras briefly panned to his supermodel wife, who just so happened to making the most hilarious cry face ever. This what people said about the face she made on the web.

John the UnTurnt @jfsuttonjr
"you know that was due today, right?" @chrissyteigen
4:02 AM - 12 Jan 2015 Augusta, GA, United States

When your mom makes you cry & then says "fix your face" in public @chrissyteigen #goldenglobes

When people tweet @chrissyteigen that pic of the baby who looks like @johnlegend

@AmberSmalls: "Let me call you right now so you can save my number" pic.twitter.com/CUCNeR9OhU@chrissyteigen

"@cultureofme: when the year is only 11 days old and you already know the Year’s Best Meme® pic.twitter.com/vjgXsenP59@chrissyteigen winning

@JackieOProblems: When someone invites you to their dinner party. #GoldenGlobes pic.twitter.com/s1tYlghnla@chrissyteigen

"@DepressedDarth: When you found out Luke and Leia were brother and sister after they kissed. pic.twitter.com/jElmsVFnOa" @chrissyteigen

When you're picking up plan B and you recognize your pharmacist from Temple. #goldenglobes #chrissyteigen