Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Rapper Eve talks having a back-up/reserve boyfriend when you're in a relationship

Rapper Eve sat down with Huffington Post live where she talked about the pressure to marry, having her reserve man and how she broke it the news of her engagement to him. This is what she had to say.

On if she had a backup/reserve guy
"Yeah, I kind of did. I think every girl has a reserve. They are good friends

On how she broke to the news of her engagement to him
"I'm getting married, so sorry! (laughs). I think that person knows. I think the reserve always knows because obviously that person is the person that you are too busy for and then you're like ..'Yeah, I'm alone tonight...let's hang out!'. I think they know

On if she ever felt pressured to get married
"I didn't. I didn't pressure myself that way. It was more about having children actually. Like 'Oh, I'm getting older' and wanting to have kids in a marriage and not marriage specifically

On if she plans to have kids
"I hope so. We are happy in our newlywed bliss at the moment. We can't wait but not rushing.