Thursday, 29 January 2015

Sarah Drew introduces daughter Hannah Mali Rose; opens up about time in the NICU

When Sarah Drew began having contractions more than three weeks before her due date, the actress couldn’t believe she was going into labor.
“I was in total denial that it was happening,” the Grey’s Anatomy star, who had been due Dec. 27, tells PEOPLE in its latest issue. “All of the baby stuff was in boxes in the basement and there was nothing prepared.”
But after giving birth to Hannah Mali Rose on Dec. 3, Drew — who’s alsomom to son Micah Emmanuel, 3, with husband Peter Lanfer — was “beside herself” when the newborn faced serious health complications. As a result, the couple’s baby girl had to spend 11 days in the neonatal intensive care unit.
“Her lungs were not totally ready to be outside of the womb [which led to] an infection, plus she had issues with blood sugar because I had gestational diabetes,” the actress explains. “It’s the worst thing in the world because you go into the hospital and you expect to leave with your baby. We didn’t know how long she would have to be there.”
While Drew leaned on family and friends for support, it was her role as Dr. April Kepner — who also faces pregnancy complications on the hit ABC show — that helped her through the tough time.
“Having just played something that was really emotionally intense revolving around a baby, in some ways, prepared me to weather those 11 days,” she says. “I was equipped to handle it, which is really crazy and weird. It was a wild life imitating art situation.”
And now with Hannah “100 percent in the clear,” the happy family of four is adjusting to life at home.
“It’s wonderful, but I’m constantly breastfeeding,” Drew jokes. “I haven’t had a date with my husband in months and I haven’t had any time for myself yet so I’m hoping to make a shift soon in that department.”

News Credit: People's Magazine