Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Female celebrities address the Baga 2000 killings

Asa Elemide, talented musician shared her thoughts on Instagram saying "Nigeria lives matter. We desserve security.  #IamBaga #IPrayForPeace #IprayForNigeria .Stop this madness "#PrayForNigeria #StopTheMassacre #Peace #Justice #LetLoveRule"

Nollywood star actress Genevieve Nnaji also expressed her concern for the recent killings saying "We lose everything when we lose hope. Keep faith alive and pls #PrayForNigeria wherever you are. #OurLivesMatterToo. Thank you and God bless"
Nigerian actress Uche Jombo Rodriguez also took to her Twitter page to share her thoughts on the Baga 2000 killings.

What about security? When did we become this nation where lives don't matter? Nigeria deserves better #IamBaga #PrayForNigeria #prayForPeace

Sad at the senseless attack on the people of baga. Nigerians must stand together to condemn these acts.we deserve SE… http://www.whosay.com/l/keP9ZJz 

I'm really hating how some of these international media reports on baga is making Nigeria look #i'mOUT