Wednesday, 29 April 2015

19-yr-old son arrested for raping mother

A 19-year-old boy from Marshal County, Gary Helms Jr, has been arrested by the Alabama, USA, police for allegedly raping his 45-year-old mother as a way of getting revenge on his brother.
The police say Helms committed the sacrilege at the Willow Terrace Trailer Park on Doyle Drive in Albertville and has admitted to the act.
A police statement reads:
"From what we understand, the rape stemmed from an argument between him and his brother. And apparently they were arguing over a girlfriend. And the rape was some sort of retaliation towards his brother."
Authorities say Helms' mother had apparently passed out drunk on the couch when the rape started.
"During the attack she did come to and recognize her attacker as her son. When she tried to get away, the son held her down until he was finished. It's totally sick is what it is.
Shocked, shocked would be more a better way to describe it. That somebody would dip to the lows to do something of this nature. It's just pretty much a shock to the conscience of the general public."
Helms was arrested and charged with the first degree rape of his own mother.