Monday, 7 July 2014


After conducting a recent poll of 50 women, ranging from the ages of 18 to 50, the statistics have concluded that the number one thing a woman is attracted to in a man is his personality. 
Within the subcategories of a man’s personality, the number one sought after trait is humor. Every girl loves a man that can make her laugh, so try to put yourself out there and if you see the opportunity to reveal your funny side, go for it. 
The poll also revealed that the next two most desired traits in a man are someone who listens and someone who’s intelligent. These are two very important characteristics because, let’s be honest, women want a man who can hold a conversation and provide for them. 
As far as physical appearances are concerned, the most important characteristics women are looking for in a man are a nice face, a good smile, pretty eyes and well-groomed facial hair. 
Many of these physical characteristics sound like an outline of a celebrity, but know that this is not the case. Women find unique characteristics in every man, so even if you feel that you don’t have Johnny Depp’s eyes a woman who loves you will think you are nearly perfect from head to toe.