Monday, 7 July 2014


Too often I hear my fiancé’s friends say “that girl just isn’t right for me” or “she just wasn’t that into me.” When men get in these types of situations it could be because they are just not picking the right girl.
Here are a few things to pay attention to when you are looking for your lady.
·         Look at what the girl is wearing. If she is caked with makeup and wearing a short skirt, heels and a dressy top at a casual place, then that could mean that the girl is high maintenance. If that is your type of girl, then great, but be warned that these girls may come off not as friendly as others. 
·         Try to see subtle cues that reveal her personality. Look at her purse or backpack and other accessories. For example, a girl’s purse says a lot about her. A purse that is a hipster-like bag or purse from Coach are two different things. 
·         Watch how she carries herself. If you see her smiling and being friendly       to others, then that means she is most likely too polite to say anything that would hurt your feelings or discourage you from asking her out. 
·         When you first approach her, see how she reacts towards you. If she is smiling and engaging herself, then go for it, and ask her out. However, if she is being polite, but is not interested, then just leave it at that.

                                                   WHAT'S YOUR TAKE ON THIS?