Thursday, 3 July 2014


What is a website?  According to general opinion a website is a set of interconnected web pages usually including a homepage generally located on the same server, prepared and maintained as a collection of information by a person, group or company. A high quality website should be able to provide a good user experience and also provide effective and important content. However, many independent components need to be present for it to be considered a quality website. Here are tips on how to recognize a quality website:-
§      User friendly/Good user experience.
§      Easy navigation (The website will be simple and logical to navigate).
§      Website Optimization: This would improve speed, links are not broken, good user experience and the image could be scaled down without losing quality.
§      Search Engine Optimization (SEO) a quality website maximizes number of visitors  and appears easily on different search engines
§       Quality websites are always responsive. It should provide an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices (from mobile phones to desktop computer monitors).
§      Browser Compatibility: A quality website always looks the same no matter the type of browser or search engine.
§      Details on the homepage wouldn’t be overwhelming but it should have links.
§      It will have good content accessibility; free of spelling and grammatical errors, contents wouldn’t be unnecessary, overlaying and duplicating (the success factor of every website is content).
§      There won’t be too many ads (The ads should always be lesser than the content in the website).

§      A quality website will have consistency in its style and presentation.