Thursday, 3 July 2014

How Your Company Image Sells Your Products.

A company’s image is very important to the growth of the company. Your company’s image is its identity. A company’s image is what makes a product stick in the minds of potential clients. A company’s reputation and respect is connected to its image. Your company image is more powerful than any ad. The perceived emotional corporate image in the minds of your target audience represents your brand.
A visual aspect that
forms part of the overall brand is the logo which identifies a business in its simplest form via the use of a mark or icon.  

Your company image helps:
§      Create an image of your product in your target customer’s mind: Anytime someone needs a particular product or services the first thing that will come to their minds is your brand. The reason is that they have your company’s identity registered in their mind. A true example of this is Coca cola.
§      Launch your product into the market. This is what will give your product the right position it needs in the market.
§      Advertise your product without you being there: A company’s logo design should pass its message without the company having to say much about the product.
§      Boost sales; the fact that your brand comes first to the minds of its target audience when they think about particular products or services means your company sells more.
§      Tell your current customers/potential clients why you are better than your competition and people can trust your products and/or services. Therefore, people will only want to patronize your product. An example of this kind of product is Nike.
§      Gives your customers the right feeling about your brand. If customers have confidence and trust towards any company it is their product(s) they will always go for.