Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Sean Tizzle accused of song stealing

A singer by the name of Portah claims that pop act Sean Tizzle stole a chorus of his that was used in his hit song ‘Perfect Gentleman’. Portah who is an Ibadan based act has come out to say he is the composer of the ‘Perfect Gentleman’ hook, but was not informed by Sean Tizzle or D’Tunes.
          During an interview with THE NET the upcoming act made this claim. In the               interview Portah talks about how he met D’Tunes at Star FM in Ibadan when             D’Tunes & Sean Tizzle came to promote his single ‘Sho Le’. He said that                   D’Tunes promised to sign. D’Tunes told him to meet him in the studio and                  bring some of the tracks he had done. The tracks where 21 in total. When he got            to the studio D’Tunes copied all his tracks on to two CDs. He also promised                  Portah that one of his friend based in the UK likes him and wants to sign him              but the producer will be the front for the label. He also said that when his friend            comes from the UK in a few months he will sign him.