Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Kim Kardashian photos by Jean-Paul Goude were 'a confidence booster' after childbirth

Kim Kardashian has revealed her motive behind that Jean-Paul Goude photo shoot celebratingthe shape and versatility of her famous bottom, and it wasn't just about "breaking the internet".
The reality TV star, fashion icon and wife of rapper Kanye West wanted to boost her confidence and celebrate her body after childbirth, she told Channel Ten's The Project on Tuesday night.
Kardashian, in Melbourne to launch a new fragrance, spoke on the show about the controversial photo shoot, motherhood and her family's love of Australia.
"For me [the photo shoot] was something I knew I wanted to do, to make myself feel confident ... as a role model I'm not saying that anyone else should do that, but for me ... this was something that was going to make me feel confident and feel good," Kardashian said.
"It taught me to do what you want to do. Everyone should do what they're comfortable with and ... I felt really positive and good about myself."
Kardashian  said that while she was pregnant she had warned her family she was going to do a "nude shoot" when she felt she had her pre-pregnancy body back, and when the opportunity arose to work with Jean-Paul Goude, a French photographer long known as a master of image manipulation, she jumped at the chance.
"When I did the shoot I was just so excited to work with this photographer. My favourite image ever is this one of Naomi Campbell where she's naked, upside down, with her long ponytail holding her up.
"I'm glad that I can now eat a little bit because I was trying to really not eat so much that week."
Kardashian admitted to "things falling all over the place" during the shoot and to having a very sore back for about a week after the shoot, which included the precarious balancing of a champagne glass on her rear - a shot she was only too happy to help Rove McManus re-create (unsuccessfully) inside the Channel 10 studio.
Kardashian also said she loved Australia because of its friendly people, amazing food, Tim Tams and zoos. She said she had spoken to husband Kanye on Tuesday while he was at the Los Angeles Zoo with their daughter and he had said he missed Australia and was jealous they weren't here visiting the zoo.
When asked about whether she'd seen and liked the memes going around imitating the Goude photoshoot, Kardashian said she enjoyed them.
"I loved the Google [meme], something with Krispy Kreme, you know you have to have a sense of humour about it."