Thursday, 27 November 2014

Former Miss Chile Accuses Alexis Sanchez Of Hitting On Her Behind His Girlfriend's Back

A former Miss Chile has accused Arsenal star Alexis Sanchez of texting her behind his doting girlfriend's back. Camila Andrade claimed the striker sent her holiday snaps during a winter break in Disneyland Paris with partner Laia Grassi claiming he was with a younger relative and not his other half. 
This is her detailed interview of how Alexis Sanchez was hitting on her.
'Alexis invited me out for a meal while he was back in Chile preparing for the World Cup. 'I was between boyfriends at the time and it was the first time that he'd asked if we could meet up. 'I turned him down because he wasn't my type and I knew that many of the times he'd messaged me he was with his girlfriend and I liked that even less.
'When he was in Disneyland Paris with Laia in February he sent me a picture of himself on his own. 'I knew he was with her because I'd seen pictures in the paper and I really couldn't stop laughing.
'I messaged him to say: "How nice, you're with your girlfriend, I've love to be where you are with my boyfriend" and he replied: "No I'm with my little nephew or young cousin or some young relative", I can't remember exactly.
'He never said he was with his girlfriend and the following day there was a big picture in the paper of the two of them. It was very strange. 'All these star struck young girls need to see all these footballers are the same and are not to be believed.'
'It makes me laugh how all the young girls speak to him. I could never ever have taken seriously some of the things he said to me. 'We never had regular conversations but I stopped answering him about two months ago after I turned down his meal invite. 'I found it tasteless he'd ask me out while he was with someone else so I gave him the red card.
'When someone doesn't answer you, I think the other person normally gets it and understands that you don't want to speak with them. 'Nothing happened between Alexis and me and I'm doing nothing wrong by revealing how he's been messaging me. 'But if I had said "yes" that time he phoned me and invited me out for a meal, I can assure you nobody would have found out.'