Thursday, 20 November 2014

Nomoreloss signs record deal with US label, read his testimony

God does it....by Nomoreloss
Men may promise and fail but not God...I spoke to all that knew me well about the day I would leave Nigeria. I told them I would get signed to an AMERICAN MUSIC LABEL. Many laughed to my face at least they were better than those that made fun and jokes behind my back and hugged me as friends. Many called me a joker while the others well...let's just say they liked my "wishful imaginations" ...I watched as peers/colleagues took and pasted beautiful photographs of all the fun places they travelled to and I kept wondering which day "my turn" would come.... Ask your "friends" organising awards abroad to help you get a visa na!....The words of concerned friends...Promises and "postings" was all that came out of it. Still I spoke my FAITH even when I didn't have an appointment at the US Embassy.... Crazy abi?...No....its called FAITH. I spoke to GOD about it and believed firmly even in the face of ridiculous taunts that he WILL DO IT....Fast forward and today, I share my testimony that GOD alone may take the glory. From visa to tickets and accommodation all came FREE...No I didn't win a visa lottery! GOD SHOWED UP!....To sweeten the package, he added a RECORDING CONTRACT and yes you guessed right. To his glory alone, got signed to an AMERICAN RECORD LABEL called TATE MUSIC GROUP in OKLAHOMA!....This is for someone out there like me who may just be feeling God has forgotten him/her. SPEAK YOUR FAITH NOT YOUR FEARS TILL IT COMES TO PASS....If God can do it for me, he can surely do it for you. NEVER STOP PRAYING AND TRUSTING GOD CAUSE IF HE PROMISES YOU ANYTHING, HE WILL NOT JUST MEET YOUR EXPECTATIONS.....OUR GOD SURPASSES EXPECTATIONS! My name is NOMORELOSS and I testify to God's goodness!