Monday, 8 February 2016

Nigerian lesbian tricked a man to get her pregnant

Crazy world we live in.

A Nigerian lady, Kafayat Adegoke has allegedly gotten pregnant through the act of deception, according to the UK Mirror. The 30-year-old student and mum-to-be, set out to be a single mum and wrote out a list of traits she wanted her child to have. Then she went in search of a ‘suitable’ man who would sleep with her, as many times as were required to get her pregnant. Whoever the lucky man turned out to be, would never know the real reason she was with him (to get pregnant).
Kafayat, whose baby is due for delivery in June, is in a lesbian relationship, and insists she has no form of attraction to the opposite sex.
Here’s what she had to say:
“Ever since I was a little girl I have yearned for a baby. I looked into IVF and surrogacy but they both seemed quite expensive. I also felt IVF was unnatural. I thought logically and what I needed was a sperm donor and there were plenty of these walking the streets and I could take my pick. I decided to pretend I was straight and trick a man into getting me pregnant.”
With calculated planning, she held off sleeping with her new dates until she had found out about their family background, medical history and even their blood group. She dated three men , including a work colleague. She finally got pregnant for a man she had been seeing for 2 months, last year, after having searched for the ‘right father’ for her baby. Kafayat, ended the relationship and barred her ‘sperm donor’ from being in the child’s life.
Kafayat who did this with the hope that she’ll get a council house and other benefits, being that she’s a single mum, is dating another lesbian lady, 26-year-old Aisha Atan.