Monday, 8 February 2016

Lai Mohammed says GDP may hit $2trn by 2030

The minister of information, Lai Mohammed has hinted Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Product(GDP) may increase to $2 trillion by 2030.
While addressing members of the Advertising Association of Nigeria (ADVAN) an association of marketing directors of corporate organisations and a sectoral body of the Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON),  Lai Mohammed however, said there is a condition attached to realising the targeted figure.
”If Nigeria reduces corruption to the level in Ghana and Malaysia, Nigeria’s GDP will increase to $2 trillion from N514 billion in 2030.
”Here, we are trying to rebuild Nigeria and lay a new foundation where companies will be able to operate. If we can cut corruption, even if oil price is $10 per barrel, we will still be able to achieve targets,” he said.
Mohammed, disclosed that President Buhari would spear head a national orientation campaign tagged: ‘Change begins with me’.
”It is true we campaigned on the change mantra, but this change mantra is largely misunderstood by Nigerians which they (Nigerians) misinterpreted to mean that as soon as Buhari is sworn in, immediately things will change in Nigeria.
“It does not happen that way. Nigerians cannot continue to do things the same way and expect different results. Indiscipline and corruption are not restricted to people at the top. Each Nigerian has a role to play and that is why we are launching the campaign,” he explained.
Lai Mohammed said that everyone should take responsibility for the malaise that has crippled the society.
He added that an average Nigerian with opportunity will likely cheat but the campaign would help reorientate Nigerians.
”This kind of campaign we want to run will touch every Nigerian. It will start with the President who will say my name is Muhammadu Buhari and I don’t expect kick back from any of my ministers, change begins with me. It goes for professions, students etc. It will be comprehensive and in phases and that is why we need ADVAN,” the minister added.
The minister further said that corporate Nigeria will be the first beneficiary of the campaign.
”For instance, if there is security, the investors will find the environment conducive enough to invest. Businesses have lost a lot to insecurity in the north. If we minimize corruption, the money could be used to develop the economy,” he said.