Monday, 1 December 2014

Kardashian accuses Jonathan Cheban of leaking stories about Kourtney and Scott's relationship issues

Once again, Kim Kardashian accused her best friend Jonathan Cheban of leaking stories about her famous family to the media.
The drama unfolded on Sunday’s episode of Kourtney And Khloe Take the Hamptons as the 34-year-old reality star confronted former publicist Jonathan during a trip to the New Jersey Shore.
Cheban got extremely angry at suggestions he was selling stories of Kim and her sisters that he threw a box of doughnuts at her and stormed out.

Before the trip, Kourtney had asked Kim to not tell Jonathan anything about her situation with longtime partner Scott Disick because she believed Jonathan could be leaking information.
Jonathan suggested going to the New Jersey Shore for their day out, and during the drive Kim talked about the problems with Scott and Kourtney, against her older sister’s wishes.
Later Khloe called to say that someone had leaked a story about Kourtney being in therapy and Kim confronted him over it.

Kim told Cheban that he was the only person she had told the story to and it was now appearing in a magazine.
'I was with you the entire night. When am I giving out information? Do you not think I have anything better to do in my life?' Jonathan shouted.
'This is so f***ing rude. You are really p***ing me off right now,' he said before flinging a box of doughnuts at Kim.

'You are a b***h. I’m leaving. Take my phone, take the doughnuts and go f**k yourself,' said Jonathan before storming out.
Kim then went through his phone and did not find any trace of the story.
She was eventually told that the story had come from a photographer who recognized the therapist and not from Jonathan.

Kim and Jonathan eventually smoothed it over before enjoying a day out at the Shore.
'I love Jonathan he is one of my best friends, he is so easy going he is not going hold a grudge. I knew in my heart it was not him,' Kim told the cameras.
Elsewhere. Scott revealed on the show that he and Kourtney have not slept in the same bed for five years.

The revelation came as the troubled couple discussed the future of their relationship after Scott abruptly ended rehab treatment only attending five days.
The father-of-two confessed: 'I know that I needed to get some help and that dealing with it all myself was not going to work. I basically needed a reboot, to start over again, to kinda feel normal again, to get everything out of my system and detox. I think this place really did it for me.'

Over the phone Scott told Khloe that he felt more clear-headed than he had in years.
But he admitted he did not want to see Kim after she 'told half of New York' Scott had tried to kill himself.
'Now everybody is looking at me like I am some kind of psychopath who tried to kill himself. It is too much for me to handle right now,' said Scott.

'The whole thing is very scary,' said Scott as he admitted he did not know how things with Kourtney were going to move forward.
Kim told Khloe that she had reached out to their friend Scott Sartiano over Scott's hospitalization.
'All this petty drama right now is not what Scott needs, I feel really bad and it was wrong of me,' admitted Kim.
She apologized to Scott in person and he admitted he was not that upset as Kim is a 'drama queen.'

When the couple got some time together, Scott admitted that their continual fighting was extremely stressful.
'I mean maybe it is all worth it, maybe it is not. I am so tired of everything. I don’t want to lose you and my kids, but are we going to spend the rest of our lives doing this?
'I don't want to live the way that I was living. The truth is I don’t think I have ever given myself time to grieve over both of my parents dying because I self-medicated by taking pills and drinking,' he said.
Adding: 'It became a 24-hour job to stay trying to get drunk and trying to take pills and not thinking about life.'

Kourtney then told Scott that she thought they needed space to figure their lives out.
'Well how much more space do you need? We have not slept together for five years. What's the difference? Honestly. I love you, yeah, but...'
Kourtney told him that she wanted actual change and not to fall back into old habits and routines.
'Trust me I would love to say 'Perfect, come back.' I want to make a change to make it better, figure out who you even are,' said Kourtney.

Scott told her that being alone was not an option for him and that he wanted to work on their relationship together and Kourtney agreed to let him stay.
He later went to a public appearance in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and tried to stay away from alcohol to remain sober.
He then told Kourtney how he was going to AA meetings but that he still wanted a drink.

News Credit: Mail Online