Monday, 1 December 2014

Femi Kuti rubbishes the story of some of his children not being his - he says the story is 8 years old

This week, there was a viral report that Afro Beat Maestro Femi Kuti revealed he recently did a DNA test and found out two of his 5 kids were not his, prompting him to return the kids to their mother...He took to twitter to express his displeasure over the issue and said it was 8 years old. In some tweets which have been deleted, he said:
“I live with my children and those that know me know how much I love them. It’s someone trying to be mischievous because they know the love I have for my children and r trying hurt me. ”And the story is 8years old. I don’t need that kind of news to make me famous. My music does enough for me and I’m content. I didn’t grant an interview. My management is taking the matter up"