Monday, 15 September 2014

NEWS/ Nicki Minaj Forbidden From Meeting Students at Her Old High School: "I Guess I'm Not Good Enough"

UPDATE: According to reports, New York's LaGuardia School sent letters to parents explaining their decision not to have Nicki Minaj visit the school. Turns out the rapper wanted the whole trip filmed. 
"The fact is that Ms. Minaj was told by the NYC Department of Education (DOE) that she would not be allowed to enter the school with a television crew," the letter states. "The DOE has policies in place to protect the privacy and security of all its students. I'm sure we all appreciate the strict enforcement of these policies with regard to the safety of our children."
Does Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School want to distance itself from Nicki Minaj?
Minaj graduated from the performing arts school in 2000 and hoped to meet current students Thursday. To her dismay, the "Anaconda" rapper, 31, was turned away. "I wanted to go back to my HS and speak to the students but the new principal declined," she tweeted. "No need for me to inspire them, I guess."
Asked if the school gave a reason, Minaj told her 18.1 million Twitter followers, "Not really...I guess I'm not good enough." The "Bang Bang" rapper also retweeted several kind messages. "That school changed my life and I wanted to pay it forward to the students there now," she tweeted. "I was really looking forward to it."
In a May 2013 Teen Vogue cover story, Minaj spoke highly of her New York City-based alma matter. "It was the first time I felt like I really fit in," the MTV Video Music Award winner said of her high school days. "Everyone there was creative. For once, I didn't feel like there was something weird about me."