Saturday, 27 September 2014

Actors go into politics for gain, power, passion – Zulu Okafor

Abuja – Some stakeholders in the Nollywood industry had attributed the direct participation of actors in politics to  and quest for change in the country.
The President, Association of Movie Producers in Nigeria, Mr , made this known on phone in Abuja.
He said that actors go into politics for the gain, power and passion to bring change and stability to the country.
Okafor, a Nigeria Media Merit Award winner, said politics could be used to reach height of power and achievement which should not be restricted to any caree
Okafor explained that actors are the best people among politicians, saying that they have been involved in various roles and movies that depict the realities of life.
“I believe I will also join politics, I want to impact on the life of the people, whether House of Representatives, Senate or even governorship position, after all RMD is not doing bad,” Okafor said.
The President also made reference to other actors in the Western World like Ronald Regean and George Murphy who had made progress as actors and politicians.
Mr Joshua Ejiro, a resident of Karu, Abuja, also said that Nigerian actors go into politics for the money and fame.
Ejiro explained that average Nigerians like money and recognition, so he did not see why actors’ involvement in politics should be controversial.
Mr Monday Odeh, a businessman in Utako market, Abuja, commended Nollywood for the progress they were making in politics.