Thursday, 26 February 2015

Taryn Manning: I would do Crossroads 2

So when Manning stopped by the E! News studio on Wednesday to debut the music video for her latest single "All the Way," we had to ask the 36-year-old Orange Is the New Black star whether she would ever reteam with her Crossroads co-stars—and her response was better than we could have ever expected! 
"I would do Crossroads 2," the blond beauty, who looked adorable in bright yellow sweater, revealed to E! News before adding, "And a Hustle and Flow 2. And an 8 Mile 2." 
In addition to admitting she's totally game to take part in a number of sequels, the actress also gushed over her former co-stars and had wonderful things to say about Zoe's look at the Oscars. 
"She was stunning. I've known her since Crossroads, which was a long time ago," she said with a smile of her former co-star, whom she tweeted at on the night of the Academy Awards to tell her she looked beautiful. "We were really good friends—we are—but I haven't seen her in so long and I was just like, 'Wow,' she nailed it." 
Of course, this isn't the first time that a Crossroads sequel has come up in conversation. 
Back in December 2013, Saldana appeared on an episode of Watch What Happens Live! whereshe was asked about the unedited version of Spears' track "Alien," which was previously leaked without auto-tune. 
"Well, that's mean, because I'm pretty sure that 80 percent of our musical artists would be mortified if they were caught singing without their own auto-tune," Saldana said before applauding her former co-star. 
"I have a huge amount of respect for Britney Spears. She was the one big, big celebs that I met when I started to work in Hollywood who literally was humble. I do believe that people and children gravitate to good energy, and she's definitely an abundance of that."