Wednesday, 4 February 2015

NBC director cites late mother in decision to cut away from Doug Baldwin's 'poopdown'

In case you missed it, Doug Baldwin celebrated his touchdown in Sunday's Super Bowl by pretending to poop out a football.
The NBC broadcast cut away from the incident, but fans and photographers at the game captured the moment. The celebration was dubbed as 'poopdown' because, well, it should be obvious. The Seahawks wideout later said the vulgar celebration was targeted at a group.
Those watching the game on television didn't see the celebration thanks to John Howard, NBC's technical director for the Super Bowl. He said in a Facebook post he was thinking of his late mother when he made the decision to cut away.
"And to my guardian angel, Dawn Howard, I continue to feel you and hear your voice in everything I do...all the way do to the subtle 'Hey, be careful...that idiot who just scored is gonna pretend to drop his pants and poop out a football...you may want to hasten that cut,'" Howard wrote, via wistv.com.
Howard also thanked his friends for the well wishes on the broadcast. While Howard's mom saved us from watching the celebration on television, she couldn't stop a fan in the stands from uploading the video to YouTube.