Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Kim Kardashian is 'the most appalling role model' for young women, says outspoken Tory minister

Defence minister Anna Soubry said she was 'obsessed' by the US celebrity. The Conservative MP said the reality TV star did not have a 'normal body'. Miss Soubry also admitted she had never read a political book in her life
Kim Kardashian is ‘the most appalling role model’ for young women, a top Tory has claimed.
Defence minister Anna Soubry said she was ‘obsessed’ by the US celebrity because of her body.
But she insisted the reality TV star, who ‘broke the internet’ with a series of fully nude photos last month, did not have a ‘normal body’ which ordinary women could aspire to.
Miss Soubry’s remarks came in an outspoken interview on BBC Radio 4’s PM programme this evening in which she also hinted that David Cameron was preying on people’s prejudices over immigration
Admitting she has never read a political book, she said: ‘The big downside of my life is that I don’t have enough time to read.
‘At the moment, I work such long hours I don’t even have the time to read the paper that I’ve downloaded on my iPad in the morning. I do try to read because I am obsessed with Kim Kardashian.’
She then added: ‘I think she’s the most appalling role model. Somebody who young women aspire to. In my opinion, that is not a normal body.’
A Tory minister – who describes herself as a feminist and a ‘tough old bird’ – also risked an angry backlash from Conservative colleagues by raising concerns about the Prime Minister’s planned crackdown on EU immigration.
Miss Soubry’s remarks said she wanted to know why the Prime Minister had decided to pledge a benefit crackdown on European workers.
She said the government should not be ‘pandering’ to the view of parties such as Ukip, and warned there was a risk of ‘playing to people’s prejudices’.
The Prime Minister announced last month that he wanted to stem the flow of European migration by cutting in-work tax credits for EU migrants until they have paid taxes in the UK for four years.
But Miss Soubry questioned whether people were really coming over here to sign on to benefits, asking: ‘Is that the real problem?’