Friday, 17 October 2014

Ebola panic as Nigerian dies in a US-bound flight

Abuja – A 63-year-old Nigerian man died in his seat on a flight from Lagos to New York’s JFK airport, prompting fresh Ebola panic in the US.
The man reportedly vomited profusely on the Airk Air flight on Wednesday night and died before reaching the US, the Daily Mirror reports.
After landing 145 worried passengers were forced to remain seated as workers from the US Centre for Disease Control boarded the plane.
They then confirmed the man did not have Ebola, but the ordeal still prompted Republican Congressman Peter King to write a scathing letter to the US Department of Homeland Security over the perceived poor screening at airports.
Up to 100 passengers reportedly arrive at JFK from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea – the three countries worst affected by the outbreak, King said.
Throughout the incident, the doors connecting the plane to the airport were left open.