Saturday, 4 March 2017


For starters, Remy is a Terror Squad MC who was incarcerated on multiple charges in 2008 for six years and was finally released in 2014 (which explains why you haven't heard about her lately). However, her beef with Nicki goes back further than that.
 2007: The feud started way back in 2007 and was supposedly ignited by Nicki when she released "Dirty Money."
In the track, she rapped, "Tell that bitch with the crown to run it like Chris Brown." Though she never confirmed she was taking shots at Remy, the freestyle was over Terror Squad's "Yeah Yeah Yeah" beat, and at the time, Remy was known for wearing crows in her promo pics and concerts.

2008: Remy Ma was sentenced to six years in prison all the while Nicki's career took off.
In 2008, she was named Female Artist of the Year at the Underground Music Awards, and in 2009, she became a household name with verses on tracks like "Bed Rock" and "Roger That."
Nicki released her first album Pink Friday in 2010 and her second album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded in 2012. Both peaked at number one on the U.S. Billboard 200 with massively successful singles like "Super Bass" and "Starships."

2010: Remy Ma did an interview from prison in which she admitted she thought the "Dirty Money" freestyle was directed at her.
She warned Nicki, "It's cool. I'm going to get you back for that."

2015: After being released from prison in 2014, Remy Ma kept her promise and recorded her own rap over Nicki's verse on "Truffle Butter," on which the Barbie was originally featured with Drake and Lil Wayne
In the verse, Remy takes shots at Nicki with lines like, "Girl, you should join a rap group/because as a soloist you're boring" as well as claiming she's a fake rapper.

2016: Things got confusing, though, when Remy Ma took to Twitter after the 2016 BET Awards and went as far as congratulating Nicki for winning Female Rapper of the Year.
Perhaps it was out of sarcasm?

2017: This year, the feud has been fully reignited, starting with Nicki's two most recent features.
She appeared on Gucci Man's "Make Love" and rapped, "One platinum plaque album flopped, bitch where?" alluding to Remy Ma's most recent album with Fat Joe, Plata O Plomo, which didn't see massive success.
Nicki also quipped, "You see, silly rabbit, to be the queen of rap/ You gotta sell records, you gotta get plaques."
Nicki was also featured on Jason Derulo's "Swalla" in which she took even more jabs at Remy Ma.
"I gave these bitches two years now your time's up/Bless her heart, she throwing shots but every line sucks," Nicki raps, referencing Remy Ma's two years following her release from prison.
So how did Remy Ma decide to respond to all of this? Dropping a song called "shETHER" that directly names Nicki—no mistaking this one!—last week.
The track's art features a bloodied, pink-haired Barbie doll (alluding to Nicki's "Barbie" alter-ego), and it opens with an intro that bluntly states, "F--k Nicki Minaj."
Remy raps about Nicki's "whack" sense of style and her "fake" butt and even alleges that she uses Drake and Lil Wayne as her ghost writers.
To further prove that Nicki got a "butt job," Remy took to Instagram on Thursday night to post (and delete) an old photo of the "Starships" singer in a pair of thong underwear. Though it's since been removed, plenty of screenshots were taken. 
And it's still not over.
Remy appeared on The Wendy Williams Show Friday to answer more questions about the feud. She said it's not just about the lyrical jabs, but rather, Remy alleges Nicki has been trying to "keep her off red carpets" and slander her album, which she says doesn't only affect her, but her family, too.
"When you're trying to stop my bag and stop me from taking care of my children, then I have a problem," she told Wendy.
Moving forward, Remy believes Nicki's career is six-feet under, wearing an all-black ensemble to the talk show to "dress for the services" and delivering one final thought...
"My grandmother told me never to speak ill of the dead."