Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Marks & Spencer says they are sorry after website suspended

Marks & Spencer suspended its website for 2 hours after customers were able to partially view other people's details when they accessed their accounts and now they are apologetic about the whole situation.
The company said no one's financial details were compromised by what it called an "internal technical problem", but apologised to customers for the inconvenience. They claimed they werent hacked by anyone.
Customers said they were shocked when they logged in to their accounts and saw other people's orders, with some claiming they could see payment details. This made a lot of their customer angry. I can imagine their reactions when you notice that someone else can view your security details. These things are meant to be personal. This why some countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Latin American countries don’t like purchasing things online. The are afraid of these kind of issues.
One of their spokesperson said they had to temporarily suspend activities on its website on Tuesday evening while it investigated the "technical difficulties" to find out what really happened.
She added that customers may have been able to see the last four digits of another person's payment card "for a brief moment", but stressed that because full financial details are encrypted there was no security risk. So there isn’t any cause for alarm. Those who logged in during that period are safe .
She said: "There were no financial details compromised at all." So customers have no fear.
She said they weren't hacked by a third party, that it was an internal technical problem and it has been checked and resolved.