Saturday, 29 August 2015

Photos: School Principal hacked to death two weeks after she was threatened

2 weeks ago, Nokuthula Magwanyana, 45, was told to step down from her position as the principal of Villa Maria Primary School in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa or face death. The word 'resign' was boldly written across her office wall in red and on Wednesday August 26th, the killers made good their threats by brutally hacking her to death as she made her way home from school. 
Her lifeless body was discovered along Table Mountain Road in Bishopstowe. Her body was slumped out of the driver’s door of her maroon Chevrolet. The lower half of her body was still secured with a seat belt inside the vehicle.

Magwanyana’s sister Toyi Mthembu, 54, who traveled from Johannesburg to be with her family, said they were devastated.

"She was pushed off the gravel road and from what I heard from her husband, she had several stab wounds and there was a big gash on her back and it looked like she had been hacked with a panga. She was still in the car, but her body was slumped out, she still had her seat belt on. The driver’s window was broken and the door was open. There was a pool of blood on the floor of the driver’s seat.” she said
Mthembu said her sister was born to be a teacher,
 "She loved and understood children, even when we were growing up she always shared her knowledge. She was a loving and kind person, how can one human being do this to another? To a woman?"