Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Senegalese singer Thione Seck hgas been arrested, charged with money laundering

Senegalese music icon, Thione Seck has been slammed with a new lawsuit accusing him of money laundering after millions of fake Euros and Dollars were discovered in his house.
According to his legal reps, he was only a victim of a fraud and claim a producer paid the singer the fake cash as an advance for an upcoming tour.
But BBC claims that a counterfeiting machine was reportedly found at the home of Seck's friend who was also arrested with him.
The singer was arrested and taken into custody on May 27 following an investigation into large transactions in foreign currencies, according to local media.
In court, he complained that he had been cheated of $144,000 (£90,000) by one of the suspects of the investigation, according to the AFP news agency.
Both men are now been charged with circulating forged foreign currency, money laundering and conspiracy.