Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Kris Jenner wants to trademark the name sometimes used to mock her, momager

These Kardashian/Jenner folks never cease to surprise me. Lol. According to new reports, Kris Jenner now wants to trademark a name used sometimes by the press to mock her. TMZ reports below...
Kris Jenner is so cunning she now wants a legal lock on the very name that has been sometimes used to disparage her ... momager!
We found out Kris has filed legal docs to trademark the name "momager" in the world of entertainment, which means anyone else who wants to use the description would need her permission, or else she could sue them.
It looks like she'll get what she's gunning for, because Kris has already locked down trademarks for the term "momager" for personal management services and for use in her reality show. Apparently, Kris doesn't like imitators like Dina Lohan and Tina Knowles. They've been warned.